2 Films With All The VOB's, What Program Can Make A Front End?

I have processed 2 movies that I should have processed together, but since I was’nt thinking, I have two seperate films with front ends. These will fit on a DVD9 I believe, but what could I do to ba able to burn with Nero and still access either movie?

Any Ideas?


Perhaps DVDShrink can help.

Thanks Mr. B. I don’t have any experience with DVDShrink as I have a lump of other proggies I’m dissecting, But I will give 'er a try as soon as I D/L it.


Though, I must admit, that it is a 3.83gb file after the initial stand-alone set-up and then, after Nero gets done with converting all the VOB files into a merged file it ends up as a 5.5gb file. This only allows me to burn at the lowest quality setting so as to be able to fit both files on the DVD9…

This may be one of those errors that you just have to go back to the beginning and eat it on the process time…