2 Feurio questions

  1. What’s the difference between the “Personal Database” and the “Personal Background Database”

  2. Does “Delete files when External files” delete the original WAV files I burned from or just Feurio’s copy of these files?

After burning a cd, I still have the original WAV files on my hard drive (which I want to keep) and a second copy that Feurio saves in a project sub-directory to the Feurio directory.

Should I just delete those saved project WAV’s using Windows Explorer or is there an option that, after burning a cd, deletes the project WAV’s located in the Feurio sub-directory but keeps the original WAV files on my hard drive?

[i]"· Background database:

Contains all CDs for which data has been entered in Feurio!®, but which have not been added to the personal database. (File: db_background.cdb)

· Personal database:

Any CD can be transfered from the background database to the personal database. The personal database is meant to create a list of your own CDs. (File: db_personal.cdb)

From: Feurio! CD-Writer online help © by Fangmeier Systemprogrammierung"[/i]

If a friend lends you a disc for a moment to rip, you don’t want to have it in your personal DB. You’ll want your copy in the personal DB.
But all discs you’ve inserted in your system (with Feurio running) will be stored in the background DB.

  1. Does “Delete files when External files” delete the original WAV files I burned from or just Feurio’s copy of these files?

It depends.
Do you extract your WAVs with Feurio?

If you drop WAVs or MP3s created with another program to a Feurio project, there are 3 options to choose:

  • “Move”: it’ll move the original file to the Feurio folders.
  • “Copy”: it’ll make a copy in a Feurio folder.
  • “Reference”, which is usually the best method. This works like Nero, and if you delete the files from the project, the original will be untouched (unless you select “Delete EXTERNAL files”). This is what I always use.

If you create your WAVs in Feurio, they will be considered INTERNAL files. You will delete the WAVs when you remove them from project (unless you select not to remove internal files).

This is how I have Feurio configured: delete internal files (ripped with Feurio) and not delete external files.

There’s one problem with these settings. Files in projects created with “Create project from cue-sheet file” are considered internal! so they will be deleted with my typical settings (typical CUE+MP3 disc).

Use F1 key in all menus to find help :slight_smile: