2 fast 2 furious. i need help CLONE DVD quality is POOR

Hi im new to the forum, Well i have a 2.4ghz p4, 120gb harddrive, 512 pc1066 rambus, pioneer a06 dual burner, Lite On DVD-ROM XJHD166S ect, im using the latest version of any dvd in conjunction with the latest CLONE dvd, when i try to clone the orignial 2 fast 2 furious to back it up, my quality drops to almost 50% (this is shown also on the clone dvd quality bar) and when i burn it looks really pixalated,blocky, and not at all vibrant. I then tried to do a full rip onto my hard drive, the total size of the movie folder is 7.4 gb, and its a mix of all kinds of files, i think ISO,IFO,VOB. I also used dvd decrypter to make an ISO file on my harddrive which also came out to 7.4 and ran the file using a virtual drive (dameon tools) the quality is an exact dublicate and also is 7.4 gb so i wouldnt be able to fit it on my 4.7gm media. I read alot about dvd shrink and tried that also in order to fit it on my dvd media i had to use a compression of 7 and came out with bad quality, Is there anyyyyyyyy way possible to make an exact! dublicate of the origianl quality. Which files should i trash and which should i keep? keep all IFO or VOB’s i dunno. im lost. Is this basiclly it for dvd ripping? to have slightly worse quality then the orignial. I know if the dvd orgianl is under 4.5gb i would be fine, can someone please help, i looked at mostly all the forums read lots of tutorials but still confused about quality ripping. the only thing i can think of now is if i burn onto 2 DVD;s but i dont want to do that for a movie that isnt even that long, i would understand if its Lotr or GoNY but this is only 2fast2furious, an im sure when i try backing up other dvd’s i’ll run into the same problem. can somone tell me what tp do step by step an what programs are needed to do a true quality rip where you wouldnt know the differnce between the original an dublicate. I dont mind trashing the ending credits and foerign captions ect, I just want the movie ripped at full quality, i know theres a way i just need some help. Please email me if you have any ideas and also i’ll be checkign back on the forum for new posting, thanksssss

of the transcoders, instantcopy and dvdshrink 3 in deep analysis mode provide the best quality for full backups. if u wish to only keep the main movie, u’ll achieve the best quality with the least amount of work using this method.

I read your tutorial, and it sounds simple enoupgh, but will this let me rip a 7.6gig movie while preserving the same exact quality? Im going to give it a shot and see how big the final size is, like i said i can rip the same exact movie with the same exact quality, only problem is that its 7.6gigs unless i had media that size, but thats no option, so using the the setup like you said what was the orignal size of the movie? and what was your final burned dvd size (im assuming 4.7) but the original size was how big?

it doesn’t matter how large the original is. the target size will be whatever u put for the bitrate tab, and it’ll reencode the movie to make it fit to that size. it’s impossible to get the “same exact quality” when u’re lowering the bitrate of the original movie to make it fit onto a recordable dvd, but CCE should allocate the bits in a way that u won’t notice a drop in quality. for a movie-only backup, there’s no better method in terms of quality.

Man I made a backup of 2fast2f with, IC8, and the quality is beautiful, I can’t see the different betting the real DVD or the backup one

Btw I use to backup just the main movie

thanks for the reply AZImmortal , i’ll give it a shot an let you know how it goes.

MATA7 can you please tell me how you made the copy, what programs did you use, please tell me step by step on how you did it, i would very very much apreciate it so i can back up my copy as well and other dvds that are over 7 gig that i run into in the future, im looking for good quality too, just like how you described, i’ll be looking forward to your reply, thanks in advance.

as MATA7 said, he uses IC8 (instant copy 8), which i use myself for doing full backups. it must be used in conjunction with a program which can get rid of the CSS encryption, like dvd decrypter or anydvd. it’s very simple to use if u just look at the interface. however, with difficult-to-transcode scenes, u’ll still get macroblocking when using IC8. u may want to burn the movie onto an RW to test with ur dvd player to see how the quality is and to decide whether u’ll want to do a movie-only backup using the dvd2svcd/cce method.

WACCORD777 check here


Hi mata7, i got your link and went to that sight, right now i have instant copy 8, im a little confused i used DVD decrypters to rip onto my HD and i have a mix of VOB, IFO, BUP files. While using IC8 i couldnt select the bob files, what am i doing wrong? can you tell me how you did your high quality rip? please, give me a step by step on how you did urs i would very much apreciate it.

AZImmortal, im trying to follow ur thread on quality ripping using i have every software except for Sonic Scenarist 2.6 or 2.7, i had 3 copies of Sonic Scenarist 2.6 from the web, but they all seem to be corrupted? do you have Sonic Scenarist 2.6 that you can email me please let me know

keeping with the spirit of the forum rules, u’re supposed to purchase Scenarist directly from Sonic.

are there any other programs that i can subistute for sonic? if not why is it important to have sonic? the proplem that im getting is that it says "failure :startservice could not start driver and when i click on the exe file after it has been installed it says “cannot read the dongle, please make sure that the dongle is plugged into the parallel port and the parallel port driver is started” what is a dongle? from the way this sounds woudl i be able to use another program for the cd image step? please let me know

DVD2SVCD is (currently) only capable of using scenarist 2.6 or 2.7 as its authoring program. the dongle error occurs when u don’t install the hardware dongle that comes with scenarist. if u don’t use scenarist as part of the automated process provided by DVD2SVCD, u’ll have to manually author the dvd urself using another authoring program, such as DVD Maestro.

azzimotal, the dongle cost +10k, are you saying you actually bougth this device? is there anyway that the dongle can be by passed? im one step away from duplicating your high quality thread i just need a working sonic S. what should i do, can youl please help. please

AZImmortal, another question, what would happen what woudl happen if I dont use dvd maestro or sonic s? can i still get a high quality rip using dvd2dvd in conjunction with cce? what do you recomend?

there’s no way u can get around needing to use a dvd authoring program when using DVD2SVCD and CCE in order to author the output files into a working dvd. for someone with little to no experience authoring dvds, the scenarist method is undoubtably the easiest thing to use since all of the authoring is done for u automatically. using any other dvd authoring program will require manual intervention to author the dvd.

azzimortal, i used DVD shrink in deep analysis and ripped the movie onto my harddrive, the ending result was under 4.3gb and the folder contained a mix of VOB, ifo, bup files. I viewd the main movie using power dvd and the quality was actually pretty good and i am satisfied. My only problem now is burning onto a dvd. I heard i can use dvd decrypter but it seems that it will only allow me to burn ifo or iso from my harddrive, so that would mean i need to convert my dvd shrink folder of the movie into iso? ifso what program do you recomend.

I also tried using the nero method, i have nero 6.0 and followed this thread


i downloaded the proifle Profile for Nero 5.5 and 6
and when i tried transfering the contents of my shrink files ito the VIDEO_TS" folder i automaticly get a pop up saying this will not be a working dvd for standalone players. i burnd it anyways and it didnt work. What other methods can i use, I also wanted to use clone dvd but it will only except IFO or vob, seems like i need a converter?

please give me some methods that you suggest, also names of software that i can convert my shrink files into a file that i can rip. also let me knwo what im doing wrong with nero?

Thanks in advance.

i would just use the DVD-Video compilation layout in nero, and drag the files into the VIDEO_TS folder.

also names of software that i can convert my shrink files into a file that i can rip.

i have no idea what u mean by that.

what i meant by shrink files, was the processed vob,bup,ifo files that i get when i rip onto my harddrive using the program DVD shrink. If i wanted to burn through dvd decrypter , how would i go about doing this?. When i open up dvd decrypter it seems that it will only allow me to burn ISO files onto a blank dvd. is this right or am i not seeing somthing. and if this is right how can i convert my folder of bob,ifo files into a ISO file so i can burn through decrypter. If i mistaken please correct me. Can you give me the steps on how to burn a folder which is 4.3gb and contains vob’s, ifo, ect files using dvd decrypter.

there’s no need to compile an image if u just use the dvd-video compilation in nero as i already suggested. however, if u’re bent on doing so, i believe ImgTool can do this.