2 Excellent Freeware Apps

  1. @ http://www.snapfiles.com/get/faststoneresizer.html
    this program is excellent for adding watermarks, text, batch converting, etc nearly any single or multiple set of images. it’s real easy to use. no adware .

  2. EMT4WIN can do all sorts of things to floppy discs. fabulous freeware utility !
    @ http://dvalot.free.fr/emtcopy.htm

just downloaded FarStone Photo Resizer, great for adding watermarks!


ben :slight_smile:

imagemagick for the cool guys

I tried both FastStone Photo Resizer and ImageMagik.
Neither one of these programs do anywhere near what they claim they can do.

…how about an example?

Nemesys, FastStone Photo Resizer rules. you musta used it wrong, or been under the influence of mind-altering substances at the time :slight_smile:

Maybe I just don’t have the patience to master the learning curve here, but I could not find the option to draw and add text to an image in either program. They both claim to have those features.

Like this…

hmm, i can’t see where Faststone makes the claim to be able to draw. you are correct though - it has not that feature.

Not all apps are idiot proof.

Ghosters you are correct, drawing is not possible with FastStone, but it does specify text overlays, which I could not achieve.

ImageMagick does specify the ability to draw, which remains elusive as no tools to accomplish this was evident. Frankly, I did not care for this application as it was not even coded with an uninstallation option, not even in Add/Remove Programs. I had to dig one out of the installation folder.

Did you even read the documentation?
Ctrl + F --> -draw <string>

Thanks for the link.
Unfortunately, a command line image editor is not what I had in mind.

Thanks just the same.

Command Line Image Editor

That almost qualifies as an oxymoron.

Hehe, but me likes PhotoShop.

Looks as pricetag & realizes PhotoShop is NOT free


Still, very nice find!