2 DVD2ONE questions



1,I use the option in dvd2one to burn with copytodvd.Just after dvd2one has finished doing its stuff up comes a box saying please insert a blank disc to burn.There is a blank discs in the drive allready then it just starts burning anyway.I have not yet had a coaster but if i could i would like to remove the little pop up box saying put in blank disc if possible.

2,Also in dvd2one in the copy mode section you have movie only or full disc option,my option shows movie only and i have to hit the drop down arrow and choose full disc everytime.Is there a way to keep it on the full disc so i do not have to keep changing it everytime.



What version of dvd2one are you using.
I use v 130. It uses last used settings as default.
I found latest version of copytodvd buggy so went back to version All works perfect now, so wont be doing any more unnecessary updating from now on.
Hope this helps.


I found 1.40 preferable/less-buggy than 1.30–and also 2.417 better than 2.312.
So I am curious as to why our experiences differ!? What ‘bugs’ did you find on 2.417 or 1.40?
For OP, I’ve never seen the pop-up issue you mention in #1, and whatever between Fulldisk or MovieOnly I select–it stays that way at next program-open. Also, why anyone would want to use Full on most dvd’s is beyond me. Not just because MovieOnly yeilds better quality and lacks the annoying ‘Extras’ and Warnings, but because many dvd’s are Dual WS/4:3 (and I would only want WS and 6-Chan English, as space for video-quality is important to me…).


I tried to copy clippings from a dvd with dvd2one. The dvd was unencrypted. It had 60 cells and 60 chapters, one chapter in each cell. When I open the dvd with power dvd it shows the 60 chapters. I can proceed to the next chapter with the next button. I copied 7 chapters to my hard disk. These chapters are visible distinctly with shrink dvd. But power dvd shows as one, single chapter. With the result I can not move on to the next chapter with the help of next button. I wonder, if it is possible to retain the navigation facility of the original dvd in the copied version.
Can someone please help.