2 DVD writers 2 Computers



I recently tried out two different DVD writers in two different computers and nether one worked.
The two writers I tried were a Verbatim producer DVD+R/RW and a Bus-link DVD+R/RW.
The two computers I tried them in were a Compaq Pesario 5070 and a VA-503+. Both were clocked at 500mhtz with about 200mb of memory, OS: both have W98 and Me. Software: DVD-it, My DVD, Roxio and Nero.
The Verbatim’s minimum requirements are 400mhtz 128mb memory, the Bus-link’s are 700mhtz 128mb memory.
Both writers appeared in device manager with their appropriate model ID and were able to read. The ahead Nero InfoTool recognized the drive’s properties and the disks in them
I was able to write using Nero Express in the CD-RW mode but never went beyond formatting DVD-RW disk in the DVD-RW mode (not responding). Sonic and Roxio got hung up when accessing the drive’s too.

After searching this forum, I found a topic in which someone mentioned VIA Hyperion
4in1 drivers. The Va503+ board works well with games, video capturing (Dazzle DVC2) and mpeg 2 (BR 10m) playback, and I’m quite satisfied with it. I already returned both drives but would like to find one that works with the Va-503+ MB

Are DVD writers very finicky about which computers they work in?
Should I try other drives or is my computers just to slow?
Anyone have a computer with a 500Mhtz CPU or less with a working DVD writer?
Would installing the 4 in 1 drivers help?

Comments please.


Unless your retail purchased systems use VIA chipset, the VIA 4in1 will have zero or negative effect on your system, that’s if you can install it on a non-VIA chipset mobo at all. Consult your retail purchased systems’ manuals for info first to verify mobo chipset.

I’m just curious. If you have money to buy 2 DVD writers, why the out dated systems?:rolleyes:


Originally posted by Maximundo
[B]…Verbatim producer DVD+R/RW and a Bus-link DVD+R/RW.

… but never went beyond formatting DVD-RW disk in the DVD-RW mode (not responding)…[/B]


good eye future, i totally missed that the first time i read it. i think that just about sums it up, unless he actually meant to say “dvd+rw” instead.

also, the minimum system requirements for hardware such as this are usually there for performance reasons, not compatibility reasons. a slow comp might keep u from being able to use the product to its full potential, but it shouldn’t keep u from being able to use it at all as long as u have the necessary hardware.

just a side note: most ppl (probably closer to all) write “mhz”, not “mhtz”. :bigsmile:


Your systems are quite outdated for DVD writers anyway.