2 dvd+r to 1 dvd+r

I used ‘dvdXcopy’ to burn one dvd to 2 dvd+r disc. Now i wanna combine the contents of those 2 disc into one by using ‘dvd decrypter’ and dvd2one.
or may be combine the two with ‘dvd decrypter’ and select only some chapter to copy into one dvd disc. Any suggestins.

Has no one a idea? I’m trying to do the same thing here…

Check out this link

Also you can do a search on forum in doom9.org

I don’t know how far D2O can compress,but if you can compress the two parts of the movie to a point where
it’s still watchable,you can do it,but overcompressing can produce results that are no good…do a search on this forum for a post where a user compressed a Sopranos episode where it became distorted,and unwatchable,maybe DVD Shrink might be better where you can compress a part to one degree,and another part to another degree,and end up with one watchable DVD…