2 dvd movies to 1 dvd-dl?

This is just a hypothetical question,
Does anyone think it would be possible to copy 2 movies onto 1 double layer dvd-r?. My idea was to have Kill Bill Vol 1 & then have Vol 2 start straight after so it would be one continous movie without Vol 2 menus at the start. Once they’re compressed, would they even fit on the one disc?

I did something like that. I took small movies from another disk and added them to another disk with the main movie. I used Shrink and Decrypter. The movie was The Incredibles and from the 2nd disk I burn Jack Attack and Boundin’ all on one DVD. This works just fine so I do not see a problem burning two feature length movies to one disk like you want.

see my dvd shrink guide, u may find somehing useful

could also do it with TMPGenc dvd author, and have title 2 play straight after title 1 ends

Hey, what about intermission? you kill the pop corn stand :slight_smile:
What next? PGCEdit to loop back from end of KB2 to beginning of KB1?

(just kidding)
But also, I will not pay $8 per DL, just to avoid getting up from the couch …

Under 6 bucks at Pricegrabber