2 Dvd Movies On One Disk

how can I put 2 movies on to one disk,
and whot programe do I need to do it.

Two movies on one 4.37GB recordable is one too many unless you’re talking episodes. Look thru the DVD Shrink and CloneDVD guides

This is possible if they are short movies. You can use Chickenmans guide to using DVD2SVCD for DVDRs, and half the allocated space for each minus a bit for a small menu (try not to go below 2800 ABR). The authoring part might be where you need help. If you learn some Scenarist you shouldn’t have any problems I wouldn’t think.


use dvd shrink to compress the movies, then use dvdlab to author, including menus

I need to put up a sticky that suggests that two feature movies on one DVD just ain’t worth the drop in quality.

Answer: buy more DVD RW

agree with you Futureproof…you ruin the thought of dvd when you compress 2 movies to 1 dvd

but if he realy wants it…it can be done …like people stated above

Well, sometimes you are dealing with short DVDs. I took the Winsor Pilates set (3 DVDs), two of which ran 22 minutes and one about 40 minutes and put them on one DVD. Really easy. Just rip to hard disk with DVD decrypter (file mode works fine) then use DVD-LAB (awesome program) to choose which video you want from each dvd rip, put them all on one dvd and make a menu. If the resulting output is a bit too large for one dvd, just use dvd2one to compress. Worked great with no visible loss of quality.