2 dvd drives - same problem!




I have the same problem with 2 successive DVD drives,
ASUS DRW-1814BLT - installed first, then a few months later

Both suffer the same problem - namely freezing on video playback, or stuttering - this is both on commercial dvds and ones generated/initialised from a dvd recorder attached to tv.

I’m using windvd as the player software, and there is no difference if played through WMP.

Can any one point me towards a solution ?

thanks …:confused:


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Have you checked your DMA? See the link in my signature for details :slight_smile:



Thanks for your welcome.

The DMA is set to “DMA if available”


Aha. I can’t believe I didn’t notice the drive model, as I have the same one here (SH-S203N) - it’s an SATA drive, and thus no Current Transfer Mode will show for it unless it’s running in IDE compatible mode.

So. Have you tried a different SATA cable, or even SATA port?


Thanks - I shall have to test that - obvious, really !!!