2 dvd drive problem - one stuck in pio mode

Okay I had a problem with one drive burning dvd’s so I purchased another drive and it works great burning dvd’s by itself. Both drives work in UDMA mode 2 and 4 if they’re hooked up one at a time. The drive that came with my Dell system was setup as cable select.

When I hook both drives up, the new one as master, the old one as slave. The slave only has a 1x burning option (unfortunately i didn’t see whether it was in PIO or DMA mode at that time)

When the old drive is hooked up as master by itself only 1x burn option is available, hooked up as cable select all burn options are available.

So hooking both drives back up again the new drive as master and the old drive as cable select they both have all burn speeds available however the old drive hooked up as cable select and is in PIO mode. (new drive is in DMA mode)

I know if one drive is set as cable select they all should be, but I’m leery about changing my new drive to cable select since it works great setup as master and the old drive seems to work better setup as cable select.

Do I need to change both drives to cable select to get both drives to work in DMA mode? Both drives are setup on the primary IDE channel one in location 0 - the one that works at DMA and the other in location 1 which seems to only work in PIO mode.

Any suggestions?

You are telling us that these drives are on the first channel. THis is not the usual way to set them up. The HDD should be Master on Channel 1 (that’s how mine are). The 2 burners can then be attached as Master & Slave on Channel 2. THis should get you where you want to be. Also check the Properties of each drive. How you set the jumpers will affect the performance of the drives. Personally, I do not use Cable Select. Some motherboards may be set up to recognize devices that way but should be reconfigurable. Just my experience speaking.

Well I’m not sure what channel the Hard Drive is on. All I know is that nothing is on the secondary IDE controller.

One DVD drive is in location (0) the other DVD drive is in location (1) both on the primary IDE controller. Nothing shows active in the secondary IDE controller in the system harware device driver.

first you need to tell us what dell system you have and then the drives should be either set for master and slave or both cable select. You should not be setting one as cable select and the other as master or slave.

It’s a Dell 5150. One set to master and the other set to slave didn’t allow the slave drive to run in ultra DMA mode.

I’ll set both to CSA and see if both drives will work on Ultra DMA mode…

Do I need to uninstall the drives first so the computer can recognize the drives in their new configuration?

Am I correct to say different settings (one at master and the other at CSA) only confuses the computer and doesn’t ruin anything in the drives?

Most current motherboards have 2 connectors for IDE devices. The HDD should be on the first one, as I mentioned before. It is to be set as MASTER unless Dell has a specific reason to do otherwise. I never put any other type of device on this Channel except HDDs set as Slave.
In your case set the DVD drives as Master & Slave and connect them to the second connector. You can do it via Cable Select, but that is not really necessary. It might be useful if you do a proper uninstall of the DVD drives and then allow Windows to reinstall them. You will not do any damage to the equipment this way.

. I usually use CS, but jc836’s setup should work on just about any xIDE system, regardless of mobo/OS/&c.
. I don’t think newer BIOSs are as picky about having the boot drive at [0,0], but it’s good practice. If your system makes an assumption about where there boot drive is, it will probably assume [0,0], so why take a chance?
. Even if everything appears to be OK when you get the addressing straightened out, I’d go ahead and delete the drives in the Device Manager. They will auto-re-install, as jc836 said, so it’s one of least dangerous things you can do to your computer.
. While there is a slight chance of scrambling data if the jumpers are set wrong, it won’t do any physical damage. It might not work, but setting the jumpers incorrectly will not fry any circuits. One of the few things you don’t have to worry about with optical drives.
. Don’t tell anyone else I did this :o , but I got in a big rush one time and forgot to power down before swapping jumpers on a pair of HDDs. Windows bitched about not being shut down properly, but no other problems. Whew! Do not try that at home (or anywhere else)!

Okay, I’ve set both drives at CSA (cable select) but no difference. And all 3 HDD and both DVD drives are on the primary IDE cable. HDD is at ultra DMA5 and new DVD drive is at Ultra DMA4 and the old DVD drive is (DMA if available)but transfer set, as before, to PIO mode.

This is a setup that is new to me. 3 HDDs on a single cable? Then you also say the 2 DVD drives are also on that-how is this possible? If you have the original Dell HDD it may well have more than 1 partition-is that what you mean? Is it also possible that you have a DVD drive that is specific to Dell and thus can only run in PIO? Did you substitute for this drive? Last thought-are you sure the BIOS is current for the machine and that the settings for both IDE channels are correct?

no no no, sorry if I was not clear. 1 Hard drive and 2 DVD drives which all appear to be on the Primary IDE Channel. I don’t understand it either but I’ll try to explain…

If I go into the hardware-device manager and under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers I have this
—Primary IDE Channel
—Primary IDE Channel
—Secondary IDE Channel

?? So I have 2 different Primary IDE Channels showing. The first one is where my Hard drive is and the second Primary channel is where my 2 dvd drives show up.

Physically I think my Hard Drive is hooked up to a 40pin cable set up as UltraDMA5
and both DVD drives are set up on one cable which is 80pin.

You mention a Dell 5150. If you look at the manual for that model there appear to be several specialized connectors including a SATA one. Is this the correct machine?
The motherboard and BIOS will tell you what is really there too. If you can look at the board you will see 2 connectors that are identical with 40 or 80 conductor ribbon cables (maybe the newer round ones). I never use the 40 conductor for my hard drives, but do use them for slower/older CD drives. I have also not seen a second Primary channel except when a controller card is added to the ISA or PCI bus. We need more info to help you.