2 DVD Burner Questions

Hey all… im pretty new to dvd burning (got my first burner a 3 weeks ago)
It’s an NEC3500 dl burner.
I’ve run into a couple of problems or querys and if anyone can help id really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

  1. When ever I burn I get to about 3-7 mins in, and my hdd goes mad… starts spinning like hell… causing the buffer levels to drop BAD… and this can alst up to 5 mins or more and is very annoying… ecspecially if your trying to surf the web whilst burning.

I’m not running any hardcore apps whilst burning… mirc, winamp firefox… and things like msn/aol/norton etc in the background… but no matter what software I use 90 times out of 100 this happens.

Any ideas / tips?

  1. Some how ive been burning onto 4x discs at 8x… my burner supprots 8x but i didn’t think the disc would… it has produced no errors so far and no marks on discs or anything.
    Is it safe to continue burning at 8x with these 4x discs?
    They are Datawrites (the printable ones… they were on sale :bigsmile: )

Sorry if my wording sucks at times…

Thanks alot for any help.

Welcome to the world of DVD-burning :slight_smile:

The first problem you have is (most likely) due to the DMA setting of your system. When DMA isn’t enabled (for both your harddrive(s) and optical drive(s), problems like this appear). So how to enable DMA? I’m taking a guess that you are running Windows XP (or 2000). If so, just enter the Control panel, click the System icon, go to the hardware tab, choose the Device manager, open up the properties of your IDE channels and check each of them in the Advanced settings tab for DMA being enabled. If those are already enabled, or can’t be enabled, you’d most likely need to install your chipset’s drivers and/or enable DMA in the BIOS of your system.

The second “issue”: burning at 8x on 4x discs can be done very well, in some occassions. It all depens on the used discs, burner and its firmware. If the burner gives you the chance to burn the discs at 8x, there is a fair chance that this will work fine. It’s better to test it though, as there are too many variables here. Though the 3500a is a very good drive, it can’t do any advanced testing. You can do a run of Nero’s CD/DVD speed though to see how it reads the disc. If this drive (and maybe other drivers) produce a nice and steadily increasing curve, the disc is pretty much allright. If not, the speed you choose might have been too much.
In case you get a strange and wobbly curve, it’s a good idea to est some more on other drives!

Hey thanks alot for the very detailed reply… it’s much appreciated.

My settings were on DMA when avalible… my friend also suggested un enabling those rebooting… enabling them and rebooting again.

It doesn’t seem to have made any difference really which is a bit of a p*** off lol.

Is your ASPI drivers installed?? I dmake sure uve installed correctly (master, slave etc)…How much memory do u have?

What is your IDE layout, you did not mix optical drives (your burner) on the same IDE channel as your HDD I hope?