2 drives perhaps needed for new build? recommendations?

I’m a bit out of the loop because I haven’t built a computer in 4 years. Right now, drives are so cheap, and there are so many options, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, and no single drive is sticking out. When I built my last computer, I got the NEC ND-3520A because it was highly recommended (and I’ve been relatively happy with that drive). I almost exclusively burn data DVDs for back up of DviX files (very occasionally I will make a mix audio CD or burn an ISO/IMG). I have a stack of Taiyo Yuden 1736 media (though I had better burn speeds with the TY + 1733). I’m planning on building a new system, so my first question is what drive would you recommend for burning data to TY media? I have half a dozen larger than 4GB files sitting on my old computer that I wish I could burn, but other than that, I don’t really have a need for dual layer burning.

My second question is, a while ago I had a stack of cheap media (probably discount junk from office max). For example, one disk says RiData and has C6-02CH2409298593D00 on it. The disks cannot be read in my NEC 3520, nor my Lite-On SOHC-5232K. However, my friend with an older dell laptop could read the disks. So is there a drive that works well reading poor burns or poor media? It would be a bonus if there was a drive that was good at reading and burning, but I don’t mind getting 2 drives.


If you are building a new system, you may want to use a burner with a SATA interface. The older IDE PATA interface is quickly fading from use and some of the newest Intel chipset motherboards don’t have an IDE port at all.

With that in mind, you might look at the Pioneer 215D. It has been a favorite here at cdfreaks for a while and is still being recommended over the newer 216D which has replaced it in most of the retail channel. I believe it is still available directly from Pioneerthough

The reviews of drives here at cdfreaks are extremely thorough and you should read a few of the newest ones to get a better feel for what is available now.

Samsung, Pioneer or NEC, should be looked at.

Nec Optiarc 7200

and Lite-on 20A1L

in my opinion both good burners and the lite-on is a quality scanner as well.

I had ordered the Pioneer 215 from pioneer.com on the 24th. Got a call today that they didn’t have any more and weren’t getting more in and they tried to sell me a 216. They also asked I wanted an older model. Anyway, looks like it is back to the drawing board for me. I’m concerned about the Sony NEC AD-7200S-0B because there is a newegg review saying it had trouble reading an older Lite-On burn (which specifically is something I am looking for in a drive). Any more recommendations?