2 drives on same IDE

Is there any advantage to having the same brand of optical drive on the same IDE channel? As of now i have my hard drives-Ma,Sl on the primary IDE and my burners on the secondary. Would it be better to have one hard drive and one optical drive on each channel?

Al in Phoenix

no it probably wouldn’t be better, chances are, you wouldn’t use both burners at the same time but you will use a hard drive and a burner at the same time so keeping the hard drives and burners on seperate channels is probably best.

What about having 2 of the same brands on the IDE? On one 'puter i have a Pioneer DVR-A09 as master and a Lite-on 1213 as slave, on my other 'puter a Pioneer DVR-A08 is the master and a 16X Emprex is the slave.

Al in Phoenix

I would leave them as they are that way you can use a pioneer in both computers…
Also it gives you the option to use another drive in your main computer this could be handy for various protections (ie the liteon might backup what the pioneer cant or vice versa)