2 drives not sure what to get

HI all,

I have 2 optical drives a plain ole dvd-rom drive which is on its way out…and a new dvd-burner.

Should i just replace the old drive with a regular no frills dvd-rom drive. I like having it because i like to see if my burned games work install properly… or add another burning device?

What do you think?


What DVD burner did you get? What I’d recomend is a combo drive that will write CD-R media faster than the DVD writer, and also allow you to read and rip your DVD’s on another drive other than the DVD WRITER. Popular opinion around here seems to be the AOpen drive. I forget which model though. 1648/APP Pro? If someone more knowledgeable about this drive could chime in and let us know what the difference between that model adn the, “Non-Pro,” one is, I’d sure appriciate that too. I think I remember seeing something about there being another 1648 that was different, and the, “Pro,” designation being the differance. As I understand it, the AOpen drive will also allow you to rip DVD’s quite a bit faster than most writers can. Is that right?



Yo JD-

You are on the right track-

The AOpen 1648/aap Pro is slightly faster (about 1 minute when reading 7.75gb pressed disc) than the 1648/aap (I happen to have both) and can be had from www.newegg.com for around $25 plus shipping-

And yes - the AOpens are still the fastest DVD-ROM drives currently available-


Thank you,

i’ll check that out…can’t beat the price