2 Drives Doubt

i am Planning to Get a Pioneer 112D for a my DVD DL Burning :),currently Using a Benq 1650 for SL Burning :slight_smile:

So can i run Primary & Slave with Same 80 Wire IDE Cable with these two Drives ?

will I land up with any Issues or Prob ?

Dont want to Get a Sata Drive as I want preserve Sata Ports For Extra HDD :bigsmile:

Yes you can. Put the Pioneer as Master, and the BenQ as slave and you should be fine.

yeah sure if that’s the way you want them. I have ran 2 ODD’s on secondary IDE and 2 HDD’s on primary IDE with no problems.

Be sure to use master/slave with the IDE cabling/jumpers :slight_smile:

The thing i like about using eSATA is i can use it on both my desktop and lappy using an eSATA external enclosure with SATA ODD’s.

Hi :slight_smile:
Yes as already stated Pioneer as Master. This is important as the Pioneer only seems to give of it’s best when set to Master.
The BenQ is happy just about anywhere.

thnx guys for ur Views :clap:

Yep. What Arachne said. Currently, I have almost the exact same setup. Pioneer 112L (master) as a dedicated DL burner. BenQ DW1640 (slave) for DVD SL, CD, and scanning.

The Pioneer 112D OEM is $29.99 at newegg right now with free shipping.


[QUOTE=Some Random Guy;1921414]The Pioneer 112D OEM is $29.99 at newegg right now with free shipping.


thnx mate :bow::bow::bow: ordered that

hope it Burns my Verb DVD DL MIS well :smiley: