2 Drives, 2 completely different scans

Before I get flamed, I understand that the quality scans are not just of the disk but also the drives ability to read it. I also understand that NEC drives seem to be fairly erratic scanners (from what I have read). I just got a new Lite on 20A1H and still have my “old” NEC 3550A.
Anyways, seems that every time I scan a burn from my liteon with my NEC I will get weird spikes. Here is a comparison of what my liteon reports as a great burn (mcc004) and my NEC shows to be not so great.

and my NEC (the very high spikes seem to happen with most liteon burns)

Because my NEC seems to consistently give results like this (weird spikes, same areas) I am inclined to go with my liteon and assume my NEC is goofy. But with two completely different scans, how can people truly justify these “great” burns they post. If that disk was scanned with another drive would it turn out to be not so good?
I read somewhere that you should never scan a disk with the same drive you burned it with, is this true?
And if you end up with a good scan and a not so good one, which scan do you guys go with?
Thanks for answering my questions (I did do searches and looked around first :))

NEC drives are looney for scanning, and 8X is most of the time the worse scanning speed with these drives. Try 5X (forum standard for NEC) or 12X (my personal favorite with NEC) and see if things look better.

PIE will always be much higher in NEC scans, but PIFs shoudln’t go mad like that if the burn is very good. Now you have to know that 3550/4550 are also very inconsistent from scan to scan with the same disc.

Just wondering, would the 3550 happen to be in an external enclosure?

Even though the case you submit (NEC scan) isn’t the best example, that’s still an excellent point… :bigsmile: We are several to think that LiteOn scans are faaaar to forgiving and make about all burns look OK to great (at least at the “standard” scanning speed of 4X).

Is the TRT ok?

No both my drives are internal and mounted with screws (NEC used to vibrate with clips so all screws now).
I will try some scans of different speeds later when I get off work, but it seems that there is no standard for what choosing which scans to go by? Guess its all a matter of which drive results you want to post.

As for the TRT since I am still new I don’t exactly know what you are asking for. If you want to see some speed tests here is a quick benchmark with the NEC.
Seems fine?

That’s what [B]evilboy[/B] was asking for :iagree:

You can understand from this TRT that the 8X NEC scan is highly questionable, as the drive has no issue whatsoever to read the disc at higher speeds. If the drive actually met 300+ PIF during reading, it would dramatically slow down, or even stop reading altogether. :bigsmile:

There are some sort of standards on this board, but there are several of them, several “schools”, and all are disputable, and in the end we always keep on discussing the relevance of [I]this[/I] or [I]that [/I]method.
Ask [B]DrageMester [/B]about the “Zen of quality scanning”. :bigsmile: