2 disks - Movie on one - Features on two?

What is the best way to “split” the backup so that I can get the movie (transcoded or not) on disc 1 and be able to put all the “features or extras” on disc 2?

you can do what you’re describing with pretty much any transcoder. just drop everything but the main movie from the dvd the first time you process the dvd, then drop the main movie and keep everything else the second time around. you can also use third party programs like DvdReMake or TitleSet Blanker to choose what you want to keep/eliminate.

OK, thanks. That is what I was thinking but didn’t know if dropping everything else without the movie would screw up the menu. Will it?

most transcoders that have the option of eliminating video from a dvd will do so without problems. if you select the video from the menu, you’ll usually be taken to a blank screen and then back to the menu. the one exception to this behavior is dvdshrink.

with dvdshrink, you have two options for eliminating video:

  1. change the compression of the video to “still image,” which doesn’t totally blank out the video (you’ll see a series of still images of the video if you choose it from the menu) and still takes up some space.
  2. reauthor the dvd, which renders the menus useless and changes the structure of the original dvd to sequentially play through whatever you include.

neither solution is as elegant as what other transcoders allow you to do to blank out videos, but dvdshrink is free, so i guess you get what you pay for.

Thank you for your analysis. I may just pick up a DL disc for this one title.
I am just not skilled enough beyond DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink.

If you have Nero recode it can also replace the dropped out title and replace it with a blank color screen. The author is the same as dvd shrink but I guess this neat feature is reserved to a commercial version in Nero.

Also test DVD Fab which can cut the DL disc in two. The first one will have the menu, the accessory titles and part of the main film. The second will receive the rest of the film. A recent version will preserve menu on the second disc too. This programme also rips and burns.

Thanks for your replies and suggestions, it is appreciated.
I did however burn the title to a DL disc and it works great.
DL is a very useful mechanisim. It will be even more so when and if the prices decline to acceptable levels.