2 discs to 1

I have a 2 disc set with 3 episodes on each disc is it possible to create a disc with all 6 episodes on it using Clone

have done it using DVD shrink with no compression to create a DVD folder on my hard drive (about 10gig) then used Clone to burn to DVD-R. Quality is fine about VHS standard which is not bad considering amount of compression involved

Just for the record, did you re-author; how did you combine the VOBs and edit the IFOs?

yes re-authored…clicked on open disc and dragged the required titles to the re-author window, did this for both discs, its easier when you have two or more drives, if you only have one drive you have to rip contents of one disc to hard drive first. Then selected no compression, (the compression choices used by shrink, automatic or ratio, would still not fit on a single disc, probably somthing I was doing wrong, anyway I prefer results using Clones’ compression) and clicked Back-up.
Then used Clone and selected Copy DVD and selected folder where Shrink saved the files…(create your own VIDEO_TS folder and have Shrink save files there).BTW all chapter points remained the same in each episode…

>BTW all chapter points remained the same in each episode…

That’s good, I just found a title that keeps the same time points for chapters so when you strip out non-essentials, the chapter points are like a dog’s breakfast.

Look at this tread:
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