2 Different Firmware



i have 2 drives of same model with 2 different firmwares

SH-222AB/IDDS, Firmware Version: ID01(Indian Version)


SH-222AB/BEBE, Firmware Version: SB01(Global Version)

does these drives have any difference in hardware?
can i flash indian version drive with global version?

Thanks for any help in advance.




“difference between Indian firmware and Global firmware” has always been a mystery here.
I doubt there is a difference in hardware, so I think you can “globalize” your drive. See FAQ for instructions in case the global firmware needs some force to be installed in your India drive.



i installed global version on my india drive.
it is working perfectly after firmware flash.

thank you for your advise.


Nice you got it :clap:
I am curious: did you have to apply force, or could you simply run Samsung’s flash package?



i had to apply force i.e. “NOCHECK” Switch.
i tried without force but got messege “no drive detected” or something like that.


Thanks for the feedback :iagree:



why is the indian firmware bad??

could you you use the indian firmware on the “global” drive??

readon i ask is i accidently downloaded the indian verision and it DOES work in the patch utility

thus the SH-222AL “can” be modified??

i am so confused


no one is saying indian firmware is bad.

yes, you can use indian firmware on global drive.

you yourself check which firmware is good for media you are using and also search forum for test results.


well i am willing to try
how do i apply the 'NOCHECK" force i saw mentioned?


You already read the FAQ?



…and honour those who wrote the tool. :slight_smile: