2 devices listed as 0:0:0 BlindRead problem?

Here’s the problem
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Recently I flashed my LITE-ON LTR-40125S BIOS from ZS0K to ZS0P.
I also registered BlindRead and updated it from BlindRead Version to BlindRead Version I also installed Alcohol 120%(30 day trial now finished) which made a virtual device 0:0:0 AXV CD/DVD-ROM

Now I can no longer make back up’s of any of my games even those that I have already backed up and know they can be(All originals). Every CD is a coaster. Although I can still write data files to CDRW and burn audio/data CD’d with NERO 5.5

I have noticed that in the device selection screen, both my reader (DVD) and CDRW are displaying the same Host adapter number: Unit ID: Unit location

0:0:0 - LITE-ON LTR-40125S ZS0P
0:0:0 - MATSHITA DVD ROM SR-8587 5G26

I am assuming this has something to do with the problem. Can anybody suggest a way to correct this problem.

I have tried uninstalling BlindRead and removing the CDRW then rebooting Windows, reinstalling BlindRead closing down again and reconnecting the CDRW to see if BlindRead changes anything, but alas it does not work.

Perhaps there are some entries in the registry that need removing before trying to reinstall ( only a guess, I’m new to all this malarky)

Are there any files left in the system after the uninstall that should be removed so that I can get a fresh install the next time I install it?

Any help much appreciated, as BlindRead was working very well before this problem arose.

I think the Host adapter number: Unit ID: Unit location used to be :-

1:1:0 - LITE-ON LTR-40125S ZS0K
0:1:0 - MATSHITA DVD-ROM SR-8587

My Sys
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Win 98 SE