2 dead BenQ1620's, now the 3rd wants to kill me :0



i have returned 2 retail benq1620s to newegg.com

then i went and bought one from a local store and was working great for about 3 weeks and now it won’t see any dvds and it keeps closing and opening really fast.

just about took my hand off a couple times :a

now it won’t close all the way, it will close really fast then it will shoot open halfway and sit there.

i have never seen a dvd or cd rom open and close this fast :eek:

well i suppose back to the store and try for Benq number #4 :Z


Wow, I have seen some people with bad luck, but right now CDMonster you are the top on the list. lol

It is pretty much common knowledge that BenQ had some QC problems for a while. Do you remember the manufactured dates/place on your drives?

My Aug. 04 MIM DW1620 is still strong since Feb, 05. It also produces some pretty good burns on my cheapo 30 cents Ridata DVD-R. :slight_smile:


is this the one you just got??? Mine is still going but i was using some sony branded +r media and i had 7 out of about 20 not finish burning and clonedvd said could not finish possible because of bad media…they actually say sony on the id when i use dvdinfopro, so i am not sure if it is the burner or the media…



You can really suspect the burner IF you try the media in another burner and it comes out ok-



i have tried it in my old plextor 504a and that thing will burn anything…I have burned alot of dvds on it and have never had any bad ones…ever, but it is only a 4x…


sony media has been crappy lately…it’s not your drive…i don’t use sony dvd media anymore because there seems to be poor quality control :Z …i bought (2) 50 pack spindles and ended up with nothing but coasters with both types of media… :a…they produced coasters in all of my dvd burners… :frowning:


i also have some sony RICOHJPNR01 i am going to try… i have about 250 of them, bought them when best buy had a sale and i hope they do better


i’m starting to think i better not leave the house with luck this bad :smiley:

i’m not sure the dates off hand but i think i put them in my old posts here.

i’ll see if i can find them.

i got great burns out of it. i been using fuji + and never had any problems.
i also had some cheap ridata -R that even got decent burns out of.

well let’s see how many i can go through before i get a good one :bigsmile:


yep, i guess you got the good one :bigsmile:

i think it lasted about 3 weeks?

you know i never had good luck with clonedvd. i always use nero or dvd decrypter.

well i hope you do better then i did.


2 dead BenQ1620’s, now the 3rd wants to kill me :0
One of the funniest thread topics I ever seen on this forum… :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
(Sorry CdMonster, I hope you don’t mind.)

You are a brave joung man…
You dodged the bullet three times. Do you really want to pull the BenQ trigger again… :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, it’s friday the 13th today, keep that in mind.


Maybe you should check your power supply (with Asus PCProbe for Asus motherboards or with something else). High heat could be another reason.


well i changed my case and power supply after the second one.

i also leave the side off of my computer so there are no heat issues.

i remember my 1st BenQ would only burn after i left the computer off for a while so ever since i just leave the side of my case off.

i thought it might be something in this computer that was killing them but i have been putting it in my other computers all with the same results :Z


i don’t mind at all. i use to get mad everytime this would happen, but now it’s getting very funny to me :bigsmile:

i think i’ll pickup the BenQ gun one more time :cop:

lol, i noticed the friday the 13 thing too :bigsmile:
and this is the day i am going to return the drive for another one. i have good timing with these things :iagree:

hopefully this BenQ doesn’t go jason vorhees on me.


I think BenQ 1620 doesn’ resist CdMonster’s fat fingers :slight_smile:


quick update

i went ahead and returned the drive to fry’s and got a replacement.

yep number #4 baby :bigsmile:

i had a preist come to my house today and bless my computers :wink:

just for info. my dead drive was a oct, 04 made in china

my new one is a made in malaysia oct, 04

wish me luck, i’ll need it :slight_smile:


CdMonster you are not alone, I am on my second drive and now looking at a possible third. The first went after 2 weeks, midway through a burn and would not recognise anything afterwards even with the latest upgrade. This one just replaced (manufact. Mar2005) is bombing out on several brands of the same media used successfully with the first after 1 week in action. My Pioneer and Lg both about 1 year old have had zero problems with the same media and software, and I’m becoming more convinced that the Benqs’ are more of a hit and miss purchase which in future will not be on my list. :frowning:


And everyone laughed at me for getting a refurbished drive just to get a black one at the time…! knock on wood This "refurbished drive is out-living a ton of these other BenQ’s! /flex, mwahaha… :bigsmile:



And I get Flamed for returning just one drive-

Oh well-



i think you are quite right about the hit and miss.

i don’t think there is a good month or country, there seems to be a overall quality problem.

i hope you didn’t order yourse online. shipping costs suck :frowning:


BenQ’s are like a box of chocolate :bigsmile: