2 Days in Paris Does not Backup

I tried to backup my copy of 2 Days in Paris and it does not work. When DVD Fab analyzes the DVD it says the entire CD is only 44MB and only copies that much. When you start the ripping process, it only rips that much creates the backup which has the main manu but when you select “play movie” on your back up copy the movie does not play.

I am using - Latest version of DVDFab Platinum.



Please send us all the .IFO files on Original disc, then we will check the problem:

How to send us correct IFO files?


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I had the identical problem with the same title. I thought DVDFab was broken because this is the first title I tried to burn since upgrading to …

I am currently ripping it with DVD Decryptor - will repost with results.

DVD Decrypt seems to rip OK, but DVDFab has the same issue when trying to burn from source on HDD. Normal number of files are present in VIDEO_TS, but DVDFab only sees 2 of them totaling 44MB.

Nero failed on the decrypted file also :confused:

Just noticed the other threadon this issue … I was able to burn it with DVDFab after disabling Pathplayer.

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Please send “DVD Info” so that we can check that, thanks.

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I copied the complete region 1 dvd with with no problems

Same problem for me as well. Has anyone sent the IFO files for analysis?

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Please try latest beta to see the result:


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