2 copy's

hi there,

newbie here
i can allready shrink and copy a dvd movie with dvd shrink

but want to make a double copy
that is, after i made a copy, i want to make another one of the same movie

dvd shtink asks me if i want to work with the original movie again, but when i want to make another copy it just starts ripping again (+20 min) making the sma image again and just doing the same thing it did for the first copy

is there another way to rip once, but make two copy’s with the same image???

i thought i could use the nero option “burn image” but nero does not find the image that dvd shrink made …

i now use nero “copy dvd” to make a copy of my first copy, but then nero makes anohter image of the copy (since i don’t have two dvd players)

i need a simple method to make two copy’s of one movie, using dvd shrink and/or nero

help please
thank you :iagree:

Shrink will create an ISO image, which will be stored in the folder that you select, until you delete it; Then you can use DVD decrypter, IMGBurn, etc. to burn the ISO as many times as you want.

regards, katzz:)

thnx katzz

so i have to download another program

nero won’t work to burn “iso” image???

and if not
this new program won’t affect my settings fom nero or dvdshrink??

Yes, Nero will burn ISO images. Just open the main Nero program and under the disc menu choose to write an image.

He was just giving you options of other burning apps (many free) that other people use.