2 Coasters With Nero Recode?



Just burned my first two dvd+rs with Nero recode and now I have 2 beer can coasters!
I imported all the video files to Nero Recode after decoding the dvd with dvd decryter. I used the red block function button on the extras/bonus files of the video and then clicked on a default picture (which I assume takes the place of the blocked files on the menu screen).
I used advace scan and burn at once. I got 2 burn process failed messages. Now I have 2 coasters!
The third time I just imported the main movie only files. I did not use the “red” button to block out any portions of the movie because I did not import the extra features video. Also, I did not use the burn at once function.
Any idea why my first burns failed?
Should I avoid burn at once. Or, should I not bother trying to import the extra features?
I used the make your own dvd button and not the one that makes a dvd to Nero digital.
I do not have the program in front of me so I apologize for any inconsistencies.


there;s a good guide @ http://www.dvd-guides.com/guides.php?category=dvdcopy&name=recode . note this:“Burn-at-once (1) burns the DVD real-time, while Recode encodes the DVD. This way you can save the burning time but any problem with the encoding will result a destroyed disc. I suggest you don’t use it, and if you do make sure you have a powerful computer.” could be your problem ?


I use DVDSHRINK (which is free) and Nero and have not made a coaster in 200+ burns. I’ve only burned dvd-r so far, but they have played on every player i’ve tried them