2 Clone/Anydvd questions

My first question is whenever i insert a dvd into my drive anydvd comes up and says “Failed to set display frequency to 72 Hz!” this has come up every time i put a dvd in, yet i have never had any problems during the rest of the process. what exactly does that mean? and how do i fix it? my second question deals with something that happened for the first time today. i inserted my dvd and clone dvd comes up and says "unable to read video files from E:/VIDEO_TS, E:/VIDEO_TS/VST_02_0.IFO:read error. the parameter is incorrect if reading the media has failed, please clean the surface and try again. The dvd plays on my computer and on both of my dvd players. What should i do to fix this problem?


Is windvd or powerdvd or other player program opening up-giving you that message. It has nothing to do with anydvd or clone dvd. Check the disks to see if they are dirty or scratched etc. you have to give more info as to what your copying??

sometimes this happens when you have dvdidle or another software like it installed. if you do then uninstall it, then see if it happens

no the message is definatly from anydvd… the disk is scratched but nothing major like i said the disc plays fine on all of my players.