2 Channel Audio in DVD Rebuilder?

I am backing up a movie that has some extras that autoplay when you play it thru a PC. I don’t know if that is what’s causing this problem, but DVD Rebuilder only shows 2 Channel audio. Yet when I go into DVD Shrink or CloneDVD all the audio channels show up. (5.1 etc…) Anyone ever ran into this problem?

BTW, I’m using the latest version of Rebuilder (0.59)

I"m not sure about this. Maybe the extras are 2ch audio but since they be part of the same vob thingy as the movie shrink may show it as 5.1. Post this on the doom9 forums and can you name the title of the movie?

It’s Hellboy. I went to the Doom9 forums and did a search on “hellboy”, “2 CH” (which was too short), “2 channel”, etc… and I found nothing. I can’t post in their forum for another 5 days because I just registered with them, and it says I have to wait 5 days to post or reply to posts.

RB reads what is in the IFO file to see what audio channels are there. Many times there is only 1 or 2 audio tracks but RB will list 8, thats because are are actually listed in the IFI file, you can use IfoEdit to check what the IFO files say about audio tracks for the movie.

But in the case of this movie (Hellboy), where it is ONLY displaying 2 CH. audio, will it not enocode the 5.1 also? My home audio equipment is not hooked up right now (just got divorced), so I haven’t been checking (or been able) to see if my RB backups have dolby digital. But I remember on previous RB backups seeing the DTS and 5.1 channels. This is the only one I’ve had a “problem” with.

Load one of the VOB files into the latest Beta version of GSPOT, it will tell you if its 2ch or 5.1ch.

Ok, I loaded a VOB file into GSPOT, and it shows all the channels that Shrink does. Two different 5.1 channels also. Weird that DVD RB only shows the one 2 channel, and none of the others.

In RB, have you selected to show ONLY English audio, these 5.1ch audio tracks may be set to Unspecified therefore not showing up. In RB setup untick ALL audio options and then what does it show? You may have to exit RB and re-run it.