2 burners - same or different?

When setting up a system with 2 burners, is general wisdom:

  • use identical burners
  • use different make/model
    I want to use Nero to make 2 identical burns at same time.
    Thanks …

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Not knowing any particulars about your machine…I guess your going to be burning images from your HDD? Some people suggest putting the burners on separate IDE channels ( i assume you are wanting IDE ODD’s) You will have to set them up and see what works best for your machine. The burners do NOT have to be the same brand/model. Many of us have several burnes in our machines. The idea setup would be a SATA HDD and 2 IDE ODD’s on different IDE channels that way info is moving on different lines if your using IDE ODD’s.

Use good media like Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim.

I hope you have a high end processor and lots of RAM.
You will just have to try it out and see. If you want to use dentical burners then go that route. Personally i have never tried to burn 2 discs at once but a friend of mine has. He burns them at 8X with good media and has good results.

You will probably get different views on this subject :rolleyes:

For capabilities, usually two different ones are suggested - eg. one a great burner, the other an adequate burner and a good scan drive.

If the main aim is parallel burning, than a matching pair avoids issues such as not having a full set of speeds in common for some media - dual burning requires a common speed, and preferably also common in speed ramping/shifting.