2 burners on same IDE

Just wondering has anyone tried 2 burners on the same IDE channel ? I only have 1 IDE channel on my MB and I’ve heard that placing 2 burners on the same channel can cause write issues and bad quality burns …

Yep, I only have one IDE channel, and have a Pioneer 111 as master and a Lite-On 20A1P as slave. No write issues or bad quality burns so far.

There should be no problems with having 2 burners on the same IDE channel, heck, I have 2 burners on each of the 4 IDE channels. :wink: Just make sure the drives support the same UDMA modes, otherwise, the burst rates will be affected.

I have a separate DVD Rewriter and CD Rewriter on my Secondary IDE channel and have not had any problems with burning or ripping.

Obviously, it’s not ideal to be using both drives at the same time but using them one at a time is fine.

Does this mean that I can’t copy on the fly … from one burner to another on the same channel ?

You can copy-on-the-fly, but it will be slow because data is going from-reader-to-motherboard-to-burner on the same cable, thus, the buffers in each drive will get a good work out. You may be better off ripping to hard drive first, then burn.

I have a 9-year old CD burner as the first device, and a new 18x DVD rewriter as the second device on IDE.

I do not understand what you mean by UDMA modes. I never use the drives at the same time. Am I going to burst my rates?


Am I going to burst my rates?

Google UDMA modes, and I  doubt you will " Burst your rates". Google the term " Burst Rate", and you will see that it is nothing that will " Burst".

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I would be interested to know what brand/model that 9 yr old CD burner is :iagree:

I’m curious about why you’re curious. FWIW, it’s a Mitsumi 4x that came out of an old HP. Just like my old Rambler, it still works; just chugs along. Not fast, not pretty, but just too dumb to break down.

Now – can somebody please tell me – WILL I have UDMA troubles with this setup?


Maybe you could get rid of the cd burner as it must be reaching the end of its life cycle…
The DVD burner will do all the cd burner can do…
but as said before there are no real problems with having 2 optical drives on the same ide cable

It shouldn’t cause any real UDMA issues. But I have an old Mitsumi 4x CD-R/RW drive from my old HP [circa 2000] that only works under Multiword DMA [worse than UDMA]. Would you like me to test it?

I don’t believe CD writers run in UDMA mode anyway.


One of my Litey CD-RWs from 2004 did. I think most recent drives run under UDMA just to help with compatibility/burst rates, as do some DVD burners that run under UDMA 4 but barely really use the speed. I know, however, as you said, that really old ones don’t operate in UDMA mode ever. The Mitsumi is no exception.


Thanks for the input. I want to keep it because it reads CD’s that have paper labels on them. I haven’t used those nasty labels for years, but I’ve got a lot of CD’s with them still. Many of the new, faster drives do not read CD’s with paper labels.

The old drive is like me – old and slow. :wink: But ias long as it’s not hurting anything, I’ll leave it alone. Plus, it’s always a backup.

Well if you have Rambler then you must be older than i am (51). Good luck!

You have no idea how ridiculous that sounds. :smiley:

LOL. No sense of humor? I thought it was kind of funny. :slight_smile:

As did I :bigsmile:


My LG CD burner operates in UDMA 2 (or it did the last time I had it hooked up).