2 burners on same ide channel?

I’m making the move to Conroe and Intel 965 chipset mobo. All the mobos I’ve seen only have one ide channel. I’ll be using SATA hard drives, but would like to use 2 diff dvd burners. Will there be a problem using 2 drives on the same ide channel? I’d rather not use (have to purchase) an SATA burner.

Thanks for your advice :bigsmile:

You should have no problem at all as long as your drive jumpers are set to Master and Slave. Most users run 2 drives per IDE channel.:slight_smile:

Define “use”. There’s no problem with putting them on the same channel, but using them both at once won’t be successful.

You can use multiple burners to burn the same project, but I havent tried using different burners for seperate functions.
I have two SATA drives and four DVD burners on the IDE channels.

Actually, this is exactly what I would like to do. My other pc with an X2 3800 cpu on an ASUS A8N32x dlx mobo has a primary and secondary ide. I’m running a Benq 1650 as master on the primary ide and an LG 4163 as the master on the secondary ide. With this setup, I can successfully burn 2 different dvds at the same time (1 dvd per burner).

Sounds like I may have to look elsewhere for my Conroe mobo :frowning:

Won’t work, especially with 2 different burners. Even burning the same thing to both drives will fail.


Well, it won’t fail, but speed drops heavily and quality is often not so good. I tried an 8x burn on Benq 1650 and LG 4163. Speed dropped to 4x (or even lower). But it did not fail.
Anyway: In my opinion, writing one project to two drives simultaneously is useless, as it is slower than two consecuting burns at higher speeds.


Thanks to all your replies, I’ve realized that 2 burners on the same ide channel isn’t a good idea. As I’ve mentioned above, I currently have an X2 3800 on an Asus A8N32 sli dlx. I’m running 2 diff burners ( one on the pri ide and one on the sec ide). This combo works fine. I can burn 2 diff compilations (one per burner) simultaneously successfully - fast too.

My dilemma is due to the fact that all the Conroe mobos (intel chipset 975x and 965 support 1 ide channel only). I’ve decided that if want to continue with 2 diff burners, I’d have to use an add on pci ide controller.

Any thoughts??

add on pci ide controller.
not the best idea

Just run master/ slave as suggested and check your MOBO site for updates. The BQ does well as a slave on most systems. If this does not suit you then suggest a new box that has the MOBO that meets your needs. All of my dells do fine with one IDE channel. You just need to be careful on the burners you buy and that they do not all need to be a master.

Also, some of the newer Dells have a multichannel IDE on one cable. I have no idea how that works. Some sort of serial/IDE process?

Another solution [if the motherboard has plenty of SATA connectors, which is normally the case] is to use a converter like this:


Thanks for the tip on the converter. Just wish I hadn’t already ordered an pci Ide controller. Oh well, I’ll just rma it and pay the restocking fee. The converter will be alot nicer than cluttering up my pc with ide cables :slight_smile: