2 burners not faster

i was burning dvds in about 14 mins ripped copys of cource, now i bought a second burner i was told i could burn 2 at a time well i can but its not saving me any time it takes about 28 mins for the 2 i have loads of system resources left…can anyone help me?

Without an extra controller which is capable of using optical drives you cannot “save time”.

Buy a second HD?

Are they the same drive? Are they connected to the same IDE controller/chain?
Are you burning the same thing twice, or two different discs?

What are the burners?

Yes that would help and a extra controller and extra RAM

the only way to do it is Buy a second PC then you can burn 2 at a time in 14 min

I have 3 burn at the same time …
LG4163 @ USB2

Of course, I have 4 HD’s … but any 2 burners can burn from a single HD (@7200RPM) without any significant slowdowns. Buffer doesn’t look as pretty, it doesn’t keep stopping.

but any 2 burners can burn from a single HD (@7200RPM) without any significant slowdowns

That really depends on the HD and on it’s operating performance, file fragmentation, etc… Most IDE HD’s will struggle to burn 2 different discs at 8x, and buffer under-runs will be frequent. Drives with lower seek/access times will do much better. Personally, I will not accept any buffer under-runs, it’s just too common to see problems when that occurs. At 8x, one thing you can do to minimize trouble, is to stagger the burns so that both burners are not at full speed at the same time. Also, burning from a drive that does not contain the OS is a must.

Yes I know it can be done and still maintain a fast burn speed but not with 1 HD and the 2 burners on the same IDE chain. Are you still getting the same speed and burn time using 3 burners at the same time as with 1 burner? Are your burning the same data?

:iagree: Keep your drives well maintained. Defrag should be run at least once a month, if not once a week. DIRMS is recommended (and it’s free).

Also, if you have 1GB or more of ram, you can increase the nero buffer size (if you haven’t already) upto 80MB.
If the HD is recent, aka 40GB++, should be OK for large files, like Divx avi’s, (DVD) VOB’s or ISO’s.
Small files, like downloaded proggies, or OS backups / documents/ etc not a good idea though, or create an image first.

But a second HD is definately a better option than trying to burn from the same HD (especially if it’s the OS HD).

:iagree: Definately something which is a no-no. The OS is accessing the drive constantly, meaning that the HD spends more time moving between the OS files and your image/ burning files, than actually reading anything.

They still burn at full (8x) speed. But I never burn all three from the same HD. That would be insane.

I often burn with 2 drives from one Sata Maxtor 160GB HD @7200RPM, and the third from across the network/ other disk (either 2nd SATA or PATA [not OS]).

I have no use for 3 copies of the same data … I’m not a pirate :stuck_out_tongue: