2 burners, jumper settings?

I have just added a 1635 to my 811s, I have both jumpers set to CS. Is this ok or should one be master and the other slave?
Plan on the 1635 to be my main burner.

@ nickyboy4
If it works, then it is fine. Otherwise set the 1635 to master and the 811 to slave

Thanks, that is exactly what I did.
I had to go into the bios to see which was master and slave with “cable select”
Is there any other way to tell other then the bios? Device manager didnt show, nor properties of the drive.

Cable select means the position on the cable determines master or slave.

If you are using one of the newer 80line IDE cables, then it has the correct functionality for cable select, and it will often say on the cable which one is master and which one is slave.

With the 80 wire 40 pin cables I have, the end connection is the master(black connector) and the middle connection(grey connector) is the slave. The connection to the mother board is blue. The colors show on the female side of the connector.