2 burners is slow burning


I have 2 burners (NEC 4551 and NEC 7173)
I installed the 4551 as master on primary IDE
I installed the 7173 as master on secundary IDE
I have 2 harddisk (2x200GB)installed on SATA 300 as RAID 0
I have 1 harddisk (1x500GB) installed on SATA 300

When I start 2 different sessions of NERO 7, and want to burn 2 different DVD’s on 16x to both of my burners, they are burning both one dvd, but it takes a totall time of ± 15 minutes

If I burn a DVD to only one burner at a time 16x it takes ± 7 minutes.

I installed 2 burners on their own IDE cable so I thought I can burn 2 DVD’s at 16x, but now if I use both burners at the same time, they burn at a speed comparable to 8x.

Can someone help me with this problem?

I have the following hardware
AMD X2 3800+ (OC 2.5Ghz)
2GB Ultra low latency memory (corsair)
3 harddisk (mentioned above)


Reinald Snel

Welcome to CD Freaks.

When I’ve done this with 2 burners on separate IDE cables & the source drives also on separate channels (SATA) I can burn successfully at 8x but pushing the speed up causes more buffer and burn speed fluctuation so effectively slowing the speed. Hence I’ve never really done anything above 8x.

I never burn 16x media at 16x much preferring 12x for a better burn quality. There are many here who would stick to 8x for 16x media anyway , although I don’t think that necessary.

I’d say that it’s essential that the source of the burns is on separate channels so you have 1 going from the Raid set up & 1 from the 500gb drive.