2 bugs

Windows XP Pro 32-bit

  1. In Copy mode, once at the “Volume label:” page, the software will return to the previous “Source:” screen within a few seconds, unless the “Start” button is clicked. This is an older bug that was resolved previously and has again returned with this version.

  2. The software no longer defaults to the “Save to:” destination used in the previous ripping operation. This bug was introduced with version 9.

Thanks for info teh roxxors

Yes thankyou but have you updated to the latest version, I think we are way past

I’ve updated to the latest version. These particular bugs are still present and have been for months.

Another bug I hadn’t noticed previously involves the Preview feature: The stop button does not work. Because of this bug, users cannot “stop” Preview play, which effectively cripples ripping. Users can pause video with the Pause button, and this seems to allow for ripping. But the Stop button should work, regardless.

The bug causing the software to jump back to the “Source:” screen when ripping discs seemed worse in than in; that is, it happened with more discs and within a shorter time frame than before. I can’t say yet how frequently it occurs in

I do not have these anomalies but we all have different configurations, so without being in front of your rig I cannot see whats up. In fact, the few things I do with this program work perfectly, I love using Imgburn to burn the discs with, and it has never failed me on any backup I have tried to make, granted I do not burn a lot of discs anymore but when I do, I have no issues, I will however pass along your finding to the developer and see what he says.:wink:

That’s another good point actually that Alan raises, as there are known to be problems with some of the burn engines and the developer recommends that users choose ImgBurn as their burn engine.

Are you currently using ImgBurn?