2 Broken Xbox's, help fix, or scrap to make 1 work?

Alright, my friend has 2 Xbox’s that now just sit in his closet, and I am considering buying one off of him to use to mod. The thing is tho, they were both in the closet for a reason.
One of them, has Samsung Disk Drive and Seagate Hard Drive.
This XBox has the old blinking problem. I turn it on, it sits idle for about 2 seconds, then it blinks green once, waits a second, and repeatedly blinks Red to Green with no display or sound on the T.V.

The second of which, has Phillips disk drive and a Western Digital Hard Drive.
Now this XBox will turn on and give me a main menu, but it will not read any disks at all, and it is rather noisey all around. When you press the eject button, it often times takes 2 tries, and when it does open, it appears to struggle, and then it makes a grinding noise and when it retracts, it grinds even more.

Please help me ASAP on a solution to at least have one XBox when I’m done. I was considering swapping the disk drives but I know it can’t be that easy and there would have to be some kind of formating or driver installing. If anyone with an answer could contact me on AIM, Yahoo or MSN, please do so.

AIM First to Suffer
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MSN Kiss.Me.Im.Contagious@gmail.com

I sure have an answer for you, but I won’t use any IM programs. A forum is not for asking questions only, it’s also for putting answers on… and for reading them, comment on them etc… I guess you get the picture ;).

Anyhow: you can transfer the Samsung DVD drive to the other XBOX and replace the Philips drive. Most likely, that will do the trick.

my xbox plays the game for about 10 seconds then it says that it the disc cant be read and it may be dirty or damaged, but the game is perfect and i opened the disk drive and the lazer is clean, and every thing is fine please help.

An almost dead laser issue. Replace the laser/drive to see what happens.

regards, Stephen

pS: transfer the game to hdd to see whether it works from HDD at all, if that does then it’s your media/laser

My advice: sell all your Xbox games and use the money to buy a Playstation3 or Wii-tendo.
Even if microsoft agrees to exchange it (they never took mine back!) the new console will break again in a few months. By then you will have bought more Xbox games , making the transition (We all do it soon or later anyway) to a more reliable gaming console even harder.
So : don’t delay and do it NOW!:clap: