2 broken DVD players in two days

Hi. I have a Sony DVD Player and a Samsung DVD player.

I was watching some DVD movies - some rented from the library and some rented from Blockbuster.

Our electricity went out (NOT due to lightning) - and ever since the Sony will not even read a DVD and the Samsung has difficulty with audio.

I went to BestBuy and purchased a DVD cleaner (the kind with the tiny little brush) and used it on both DVDs. Did not solve the problems.

The Sony just grinds away and eventually says “error”. The Samsung - the sounds just cuts out for 10 or 15 seconds.

Would you guess that when the electricty went out the damage was cause or would you guess that a “bad” dvd caused the damage?

If you suspect a bad DVD - I’ll be sure to return the suspected DVDs immediately.

Thanks so much. Great forum. April

Sounds like a surge/spike in the electricity to me, these little nasties can cause massive damage to sensitive electroinc devices, such as your DVD players.

A surge or spike is a voltage way above normal, just for a split second, that can be caused by a fault in the electricity supply or even you fridge switching on and off.

I would recommend you get yourself an anti spike or surge plug, you can pick these up in the form of an extrension lead from good electrical retailers.

As for the DVD players all I can suggest is that you try them with other DVD’s, you could also try unplugging them and leaving them unplugged for a few minutes, then plug them back in and see if they spring back into life. If not then you have a problem, insurance claim maybe??