2 Blind Writers?



this is probably something very basic but has stumped me for the last week.
i have a NEC 2510a running under 98se using nero5.5. no problems for 2 weeks then it decides it cannot see any blank media i insert ie tried in all 6 different blanks cannot be the nero at fault as any other writing software seems to have same problem they say insert blank media. just to worsen my day my cd writer in work ie novatech gcr-8523b under xp has developed exact same probelm.
have virus checked , reinstalled nero, and run ASPI check all to no avail
would hugely appreciate any help offered


We need some more information on your system. Have you, for instance, installed any extra burning software? Have you tried upgrading your Nero version to the latest version (Nero 6)? Are your drives detected by Windows XP at all? Can they read normal DVD/CD media? Give us any info that could be important.