2 Benq questions




 First of all let me say "hi" to everyone here, since this is my first post.

I’m reading the forum for some time now but now i’ve decided to join.

 I have 2 questions:
  1. Where can i get a Benq 1655 today? (not OEM version; I live in Romania)

  2. I have a Benq 1625 with speedpatched firmware. (for reading)
    I would like to add new strategies via MCSE for newer DVD+R DL discs and also raise the write speed for -R format from 8x (stock) to 16x.
    Can anyone help? Where do i start?

    Thank you and sorry for my bad english, it’s not my first language.


Meanwhile i’ve managed to replace some old strategies with new ones for actual discs.
It didn’t work, as i’ve tried 2 Ritek D01 and both failed writing at the layer break.
Oh well…
At least the drives works speedpatched for reading and is as fast as any modern drive.
If anyone has any idea further , please…


I don’t think you can find a BenQ unless you find it on a site like eBay. You’ll have to search quite a bit.

I also do not think it is possible to write faster on DVD-R media if it is not enabled in the last DW1625 firmware. You can try to crossflash to DW1620 (16x DVD-R support was apparently enabled for it), but you will lose LightScribe.

Drives as old as the DW1620 and DW1655 do not handle many DVD+R DL well. It was almost always required to use Verbatim’s MKM 001 and MKM 003 media. It is only with newer drives (maybe from 2007 or 2008) that other DL media could really be used without major failure.


Well, the general recommendation is: do NOT use Ritek crap media. While you can have good burn results, most Ritek crap media is awful, and won’t last long. Regardless if it’s CD, DVD, BD, regardless if it’s SL or DL.


Thank you for your replies.
I did crossflash the 1625 to 1620 and yes, i got 16x -R writing speed but i reverted back since I don’t want to lose Lightscribe.
I also have a 1640 and a 1650 (basically 1655 without Lightscribe) and both of them did a good job on any modern dual layer media. I rarely had any coaster, even on Ritek S04 media, which I understand is pure crap.