2 BenQ burner can not install in the same IDE

I recently bought a BenQ 1655 and tried to install it in the same IDE as my benQ 1620, and my computer could not even boot, I switched the order, and set the jumper to make 1620 master, and 1655 slave, or 1655 master and 1620 slave, same result that my computer can not boot up. So I had to move 1620 to primary IDE and to be with my hard drive and leave 1655 in the secondary IDE, and it worked.

I am just confused, did anyone else has the same problem?

Also, if I were to choose between benQ 1620 and lite-on SHW-160P6S, which one should I keep? I like the 1620, problem is it can not install in the same IDE as my 1655, but SHW-160P6S works with 1655 in the same IDE. And I heard that it better to leave hard drive alone in primary to increase performance