2 bay enclosure for BD disc drives


I have 2 Pioneer Blu Ra disc drives Model BDK 206DBK Interior that I would like to have a 2 bay BD enclosure for them. I want to use them as exterior disc drives and put them both in 1 case.

Does anyone have any idea what and where I can find it.


Maybe you can find some with usb 3 connectors,but this 1 has only esata :slight_smile:



Here is what I did to solve my problem:

I purchased 2 Vantec USB 3.0 external Enclosures for SATA Blu-Ray/CD/DVD drives. I then stacked them
on top of each other and put strips on the 4 corners of the top of one and the bottom of the other. That way
they can be taken apart if desired.

This procedure looks exactly like 1 unit. Had to use 2 power cords and USB cables of course.

This might give someone else an idea if they want to make up a 2 bay usb 3.0 enclosure.

Works great.