2 Audio Streams




I have a divX 5.0 video clip that I wish to convert into a mpeg2 ->DVD Video File to burn onto a DVD, with the following details in GSPOT:

“Video: Codec – 4CC – DX50/divx, Name – divX 5.0, Runtime – 1:35:48 (143,705fr) xy 576x240 Bitrate – 770 kb/s FPS 25.000 Qf 0.223 bits/pixel.

Audio: Codec- Name – 0x0055(MP3)ID’d as MPEG-1 Layer 3, Bitrate – 118 kb/s (59/ch, stereo) VBR fs 48000 Hz.

The filesize is 698 MB (715,674 kb). Of that roughly 534 MB (76%) is video data, the remaining 164MB (24%) is audio data.”

When the clip is played there are 2 separate languages spoken.

When I opened the video clip in AVI-MUX_GUI 1.16.4 I found that there were 2 separate audio streams 1 of 79.5MBs and 1 of 80.5MB.

The audio stream I wish to use to make a DVD Video File is the 1 of 80.5MB, which plays for 1:45:32. The divX 5.0 video clip when played lasts for 1:35:48.

How do I make the audio stream “fit” so that it doesn’t go out of sync? Do I need to use a “wave” audio stream to make a mpeg2 file and if so how do I extract/make that?

Many thanks for your help and attention.


I wouldnt get to wound up about the audio and movie being different lengths, they seam to mux together just fine. Try it first, if its then out of sync ask the question again.


I used VirtualDubmod to separate the 2 audio streams from the divX file. I then took the one I wanted and the video stream and put them into TMPGEnc 3.0XPress and encoded them to mpeg2. When I played the mpeg2 file back the audio and video streams were in sync, so I then made it into a DVD Video File with TMPGEnc DVD Author and then burned it onto DVD. It plays well in my standalone DVD player.


Good to hear it worked fine, as I thought it would.