$2.99 BenQ DW1640 or Fraud?

Expercom claims to have the much anticipated BenQ DW-1640 drive in stock for the price of $2.99 + shipping.


Mine worked out to $18.77 – I have placed an order.

Is it fraud or is it for real?

I’d say neither fraud nor real; it’s probably just a mistake that hasn’t been corrected yet.

Let us know how they deal with the error.

I’ll call them on Monday and see what they say about this. A think that concerns me is they don’t have a BBB or Bizrate rating at the bottom. I’ve never heard of this place, so I’ve got mixed feelings about it, although if the unit is new, good and this is somehow a very low price, then I’ll certainly order one.

No, please don’t call - at least until Tuesday after they’ve supposedly processed my order Monday morning. I’ll post back and let you know the status and if a drive arrives.

I mentionend this in the Benq forum where it is being discussed as well, but you should not call them to find out if the price is correct. If you call, they will become aware of the price mistake and cancel the orders of your fellow cd freaks. They are not legally allowed to charge your card more than what is stated at the final order screen without your permission. I ordered a drive with a virtual number from my credit card company (Citibank is my company, visit your own credit card company’s website to see if they have similar features) that I put a limit of $25 dollars on for my $14.97 order.

I fully anticipate my order being cancelled or being pulled back from the FedEx truck if it makes it that far, but calling the company will always kill whatever little hope anybody has of receiving this drive. Check out the forums at slickdeals.net or fatwallet.com to see how people ther go about handling deals. One of the major rules for getting online deals is to never call to inquire about price.

By the way, I don’t feel that placing an order for something that appears to be a price mistake is wrong simply because that is the price that is on the website. It is not the consumer’s job to correct or point out possible mistakes, unless they are in the consumer’s favor.

Edit: I took too long typing this post and got beat to the punch by the poster above me.

As said in above posts, don’t call them, let them learn form there mistakes and take the chance and order one, it’s worth a try.

hahaha, you prolly get a mounting screws that come with the drive

Common people, this is not for real. They can cancel the order if they want, no big deal.

Also, it looks like they are new.

All sellers at all sites have the right to reject or cancel an order from any customer. It is not a good business practice and is not ususally implemented but if you read the disclaimer, they protect themselves from any misprints.

Good point alan1476.

Sales Terms and Conditions

  1. PRICE
    All prices are subject to change without notice and will be established at time of order acceptance by ExperCom. Order acceptance and sale by ExperCom occurs at time of shipment. Any price discrepency between when the order was submitted and the time the order ships will be taken care of before the order ships. Prices for backordered Products are not guaranteed.

I ordered one :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope they get cancelled and they dont charge us like $100 for it.

Someone will get to work Monday and wonder why they did so much better over the weekend… probably more sales then they’ve ever seen at this store! lol

There are three possibilities:

  1. Cancel all orders (75%)
  2. Send a 1640 face plate (or other parts) (24.9%)
  3. Send the drive (0.1%) :stuck_out_tongue:

And a job opening for webmaster.

I’m waiting to see what a BenQ 1650 is??? It is supposed to be a SATA version of the 1630 out way at the end of the year. I woulder if you guys just bought literature or something. According to the way they list brands of DVDRW drives, they do not carry BenQ. Maybe it is a mounting bracket. What is “OC3” anyway?


1650 is dvd drvie only 16x.

Whoops … someone beat me to it. ( see above )


Must be a new reader or something. Never heard of it.

I now look and see that all the drives they do carry that are clearly priced and labeled as drives are just pennys over $10 shipping. I’ll bet this is a display for retail selling or something like that. This company sells a lot of bulk drives in 10 packs so it makes sense that they would support resellers.


Ordered mine $15.22 shipped-

They are listed on www.resellerratings.com but only have three happy customers - so IF they try to screw us with a rediculiously high price - we have a sounding board-eh?


If it’s not a price mistake, this could be a refurbished BenQ 1640 that only reads and/or burns Cds since they list it under their CD/CD-RW section only.