2.9.7 Dvd Fab Express Problem

I have updated the latest version and had new serial number sent to me as a registered user…

I cannot get this mother to get registered and out of the trial version… I have even uninstalled and re-installed after doing what I normally do and that is going over the top of the old version.

Please can someone tell me why this has happened for the first time in a year???

Many thanks :a :sad:

Are you using the automatic link, copying & pasting or trying to type the code in. Typing it in is hard to do because it is so long.


Hmmm, I just did a fresh install last week…had the key emailed to me…no problem with the install. I wonder if the link is bad or is somehow corrupted. I’d have the key sent again…it’s automatic and extremely quick.

Good luck…

Did you get the key from Element5? I know there is another site selling these items but I don’t think they have keys that work.


yes done as all before, copy and paste, had the key sent again and still makes no difference.

Comes up still with end of trial period etc etc and refers to version 2.8 and new key etc etc

Hi natsun,

You can get your key be resent to registered e-mail address at:


Please try it to see the result.

Best Regards,

Sorry but it will not have the code at all… in the current version.

Still comes up with trial version expired no matter what I try and do… so if any birght spark can tell me what the hell I have to do to get this to work please tell me as I am now getting truly fed up with this.

I have done nothing different to what I would normally do since first buying this program. HELP!!!

Maineman has a good library of older versions. Ask him for one and when you get one that will enable install over it. Also you can do system restore till you get back the one that was working, then try upgrading with a version between yours and the last version. Also uninstall and instal the new trial version, then try the key.


I been experiencing the same problemfor the past couple of days also. Having followed the instructions given by the support team (download new version & retrieve key). The same occurs, can’t get past the registration page. Only hope so far was to uninstall, re-install earlier version and enter key. Hope someone comes up with the soloution soon.

Hi Maineman…

Can you please mail me and older version please and perhaps Fengtao can give me an idea of what to do about the serial number??

Please can you mail to nat_sun2000@yahoo.co.uk

Many thanks for your help but I really cannot understand why this is happening.


Hi Steve…Done.

Hope this works for you…v. (created 1/11/06).

Please note that I changed the file extension from .exe to .exx in order to get past the servers. You’ll have to change it back to .exe to open and install.

If this doesn’t work, I would recommend a system restore (assume you’re running xp)…I believe Mack suggested this as well. Last summer, when we experienced problems with several versions of fab that proved to be unstable, I did several system restores without any problems. Of course, being in my usual paranoid and anally retentive state, I also had a clone of my system hd ready to go. I always keep a recent clone available. I can’t begin to tell you how much agony this practice has helped me avoid.

Good luck and let me know… :wink:


Here is the latest help I received from the DVDIdle Support Team.
Since you ordered the software from UKIDLE, and they refuse to pay us, we block the keys from UKIDLE.
Please contact with your seller to fix the problem.
So how do we fix it? if noone will give you a working key.

WTF UKIDLE, they rip people off. Lol is it legal that i give you my own serial?

what a rip off :a

I got the same reply… from fengtao.

So I am going to try ukidle and see what they will do… otherwise will order from dvdidle.com

Oh how the truth suddenly comes out!!

Tks for everything people, will let you know how back install goes… so looks like no-one can upgrade via uk place… never knew that!


Why buy the serial again, i did and i can give it for ya if you want?

Thats definetly not cool I would look for another way

I would suggest that all only order from dvdidle.com site because there are some unauthorized sites trying to sell fengtao’s products for what appears to be a better deal, but if it does not work it is no deal. They simply link to the dvdidle trial site for you to download, but they cannot give you the correct keys. Looks like UKIDLE.com was a spam site that has been shut down per search.


Hello folks…

Managed to get it sorted and a new retriever key file… from DVD Fab sales… here is their reasoning… anyone heard that what appears to be uk site changed hands??

Waht you reckon?? Steve

Please find attached new key.

This was due to anti piracy measures.

With FAB Installed Open attachment to auto install key. !

The new owners are sorting it all out. Misunderstanding i think.

Hey, at least you’re back up and running…that’s gotta feel good… :iagree: