:a Hi, I’ve been using fab express with no problems at all. I am not a computer wizard. I updated to and it will copy but not burn. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. If you can tell me where to re download could solve my problems…thanks for your help.

There is no place to download an older version. Several members keep copies by renaming them. I may have it but if you send [B]maineman[/B] a PM he will probably be able to find it quicker and email it to you. Put your email address in the PM. Also, if running XP do a system restore at a day prior to installing. Also it might help to post more info on your problem because several are using without problems.


Yes i agree with you that there is a problem with the last update,i thought i fixed it by uninstalling and reinstalling the software,but i keep on getting error,where i am ruining my disc,it was working perfect before the last update.

Please read through this thread especially my post #22. Lot of problem solving info there:



Sharri & Mangoe,

What error messages if any are you getting? More information is needed in order to get an idea of what’s going wrong.

You get that failure code,i think it is number 16,it was working good before the update,i learn a very valuable lesson,whenever i get this software to work again,i will never update it again unless i am having problem with it.
I defragg my hard drive,and turned off windows firewall,i was able to burn a sony - R DISC,with a minor glitch in it. I will be burning a few disc in the days ahead,and see if the quality improve to where it was before.

It failed again,says failed to write to DVD ‘.’ 16,I am just going to use it to rip (dvd fab),and nero to burn,i have burned with nero and got a perfect copy.
I will wait for the next update and see if it solve the problem.

You should find your solution at this link: