language goof up

Updated to, however the language is now in French instead of English, how the he!! do I change it back to English ? :confused: :frowning:

Why does Slysoft not have a language tab to easily switch, if they do I sure can’t find it ! :eek: :sad:

You can click on Help > Command Line Options to find it.

as rolling says

CloneDVD accepts a few command line options which allow you to start CloneDVD from other applications.

At the moment you have the following command line option available:
Choice of language: You can set the language via a command line option. The easiest way is to right-click on your CloneDVD shortcut on the desktop to open the context menu. Please choose “Properties” and add the following option after CloneDVD.exe: -l [ISO639code]

For example: “C:\Program Files\Elaborate Bytes\CloneDVD\CloneDVD.exe” -l ja

CloneDVD will start in Japanese the next time, without using the system-defined default language.

As rolling and Bjproc said. If you rename the desktop icon to “CloneDVD2 English” you won’t have to do this again on the next update.

Thanks everyone for your responses and help.

Still believe however that Slysoft should have a language tab or other simple method to enable the selection of a language like most well designed software do.

Your the only one I’ve heard of that has had this problem. Interesting…