version download required please


Could someone please post a download link for the old version.

I have downloaded the new version but it doesn’t work so I wish to go back to the old version which was working for me.


Where are the problems with

Is you serial expired? (valid) I have and works flawless.

I would just like to get a download copy of please.

don’t know if that would be legal since the trial would have expired seems slysoft would have cut the links to the older versions if they are not on thier site

What trial are you talking about? I had paid for and had been using Version for over a year now!

i haven’t seen any sites with older versions just out of curiosity why do you prefer that version?

i could help out with wait a second


just the setup, you need a valid serial

I prefer the old version because the new one does not work on my computer.

Send me a PM with your e-mail address and i will send CloneDVD to you via e-mail.

Elby CloneDVD SetUp



Could you please tell us what “does not work” means?

well, normally i don’t imply bad things, but from his “i won’t tell you any details” behaviour, i could bet that he doesn’t have a valid license which works with the new version for more than 21 days trial period.
just my thought… :wink:

/edit: just a calculation: released february 01 + 21 days trial period = february 22 = expiration date. ( did not reset trial period, so this cosmetic release does not count :wink: )

CloneDVD v2.8.8.2 works perfectly well !

Forum Members should not be providing copies of older versions of CloneDVD to Forum Members. There is ABSOLUTLY no reason to do so. If SlySoft wanted older version of their Software floating around they would provide older versions for download at their Web Site. There are good valid reasons why SlySoft has made the decision of not providing older versions of their software and we should honor their desires.

Concerning Forum Member kanamint Forum postings. I suggest that Forum Members do a little review of all Forum Member kanamint Forum postings. If you do a review you will find that Forum Member kanamint Forum has a longer running history of over 8 months with the CloneDVD software program not running corretly on his computer. In one instance recently he got a forcible warning by a Forum Moderator for his poor attitude to fellow Forum Members and the thread was locked.

Best Regards,

This however does show that he has probably got a valid reason for the old version.

And the valid reason is?

If you review all of Forum Members kanamint pervious postings you will realize that when he was using CloneDVD v2.8.5.1 contrary to his statement in this posting that he had CloneDVD v2.8.5.1 working properly you will see that in fact he was having difficulties in having CloneDVD v2.8.5.1 operate correctly.

After reviewing Forum Members kanamint pervious postings what leads you to believe that re-installing CloneDVD v2.8.5.1 will correct his undisclosed present problem with CloneDVD v2.8.8.2?

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If you where having problems with a newer version of CloneDVD and you couldn’t sort out the problems that you where having and you also didn’t have the older version to reinstall, then i think you and alot of other people on these forums would be very happy to know that another forum member would help you out by sending you an older version.

Also as far as i am aware when the 21 day trial period runs out for one version of CloneDVD then the 21 day trial period is no longer valid for older or newer versions of CloneDVD, and this i think would apply to all SlySoft and Elby products.
Does anyone really think that Elby and SlySoft are that stupid? because i for one don’t think they are, if you think they are that stupid then you haven’t got a lot of confidence in Elby or SlySoft.

The reasons that “kanamint” requested an older version of CloneDVD are probably valid as there are a few people on the forum that have been having problems with CloneDVD and have reinstalled the older version to get rid of the problem, but those people probably had the older CloneDVD backed up, and “kanamint” abviously didn’t, not everyone has the same software or hardware so some people are going to have problems even though most people don’t.

what was being inferred by the mention of the convenient timing of the 21 day trial period is that the crack for the previous version probably did not work for the new version, and this would be about the time to revert back to get a crack.

i’m nto offering my opinion either way on what the original poster’s intention is. I’d just like to state that myself and a few others that have PMed me are refraining from helping on this thread due to kanamint’s attitude toward forum members in previous threads.

I will not help anyone that is that rude regardless of intentions.

I agree that he could very well be using a crack, but then again he may have a valid licence key, also i was unaware that he had been rude to other forum members and i can understand where you are coming from.
I myself have purchased all SlySoft and Elby products, CloneDVD2, CloneDVDmobile, AnyDVD and CloneCD from the SlySoft website and i also don’t believe in using cracks for any sofware, i was just trying to help a fellow forum member but i will have to think about it a bit more in the future.

Hi :slight_smile:
I would like to point out that in terms of attitude. kanamint does appear to be making some effort (note the please). Perhaps as they’ve not only got a link, but someone willing to email them. We could now move on. For whatever reason the specifics of the problem seem likely to remain unknown. Although if more info was forthcoming a solution which would not only enlighten us all, but maybe produce a solution that meant keeping would be the outcome.