2 716a's, master dma slave pio

Hi all, The slave 716a seems to be stuck in pio mode. In device manager,o is master=udma. Secondary1 = curent transfer mode pio. Chose DMA if available was hilighted,restart and the song remains the same! Is there a thred someware here that will help solve this. Thanks

Yes there are threads all over. Just do a search for “PIO mode”, and of course you set your jumper to slave on the 716A??? Your machine specs would also help!

Thanks. crossg.
I’ll give it a try.

Read the Plextor FAQ, there is a reason why it’s a sticky thread!
My Plextor drive is burning and/or reading very slowly.

In the hardware manager chose the drive and unistall it. If this does not help select the IDE controller that it is connected to and uninstall it.