2.4x to 4x d/l firmware upgrade

Has BenQ released a new firmware for the 1620 or 1620a. I heard that they were going to up the Dual Layer write speed to 4X

Also are the Phillips 16X drive and the Benq 1620 or 20a drive the same drive???

Why do you prefer BENQ to say NEC, Lite-ON, Pioneer These seem to be the most talked about drives. I’m trying to get as much information as possible as I am thinking about buying a new D/L DVD

All input will be appreciated


Yes BenQ released a firmware update that allows burning at DVD+R DL discs at 4x but only for selected media and I think the only one supported at 4x is Verbatim [MKM] discs (not sure if this has changed with the new B7T9 firmware).

Yes the Philips 1640P and the 1620A are the same drive chip set wise just different externally.

I can only speak in reference to NEC drives as I have been a NEC user since the start so what BenQ offers that NEC doesn’t is;

Good consumer support always got a reply to any question I sent to BenQ.
Out of the box support for Bittsetting on all DVD+ media types
Official support for over speeding media something that NEC owners must rely on custom firmwares for.
Disc quality checking tools for before and after burning.
Good firmware support with regular updates to support new media and firmware upgrades for older drives so that they become the new models.
e.g 1600->1620; 1620->1620 Pro
Nice face plate for the drive with multiple colours well I think its better than NEC’s at least though getting the non-beige one ani’t always easy.

8T8: Nec also has some over speeded medias in the official firwares… like YUDEN000T02, RICOHJPNR02, SONY08D1, TTH01, MCC01RG20, MCC02RG20… and much more…

Thanks for the info Quikee2 I never really noticed that NEC did so in their official firmwares I saw it once with a Maddog firmware and some TY discs but havent really used my NEC 2510 & 3500 all that much anymore since the 1620 arrived on the scene :slight_smile:

I have an NEC 2510 and two Benq800a@822a’s and I would definitely go with the Benq. Benq seems to cater to end users much more by providing things like media scanning and bittsetting from the start and fully supported. If it weren’t for Maddog (mine is a true Maddog branded one by the way), I would be really unhappy with my NEC because even though NEC had developed the bittsetting feature for its OEM drives, they simple don’t care enough to add it to there bulk drives. Has anyone sent NEC an email requesting a new feature and got a reply that they would even consider it?

Thanks 8T8 and Quickee2. I haven’t decided yet if I am going to take this MAdDog Ext USB back tomorow or not. Even with Quickees V3.beta3 firmware this Rebadged Nec 3500 still does not like -R disks at all. The original firmware 2F9 made nothing but coasters out of FujiFilm 8x.(Prodisc F0) After upgrading to Quickee’s firmware it will write them but only at 4x. Shoot my optorite DD0201 will do that.