2.4x support for SH-S182M? (Discs I'm using are Maxell DVD+R 16x)

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I’m a bit of a noob and recently bought this burner (from Best Buy) after my old one died. I began using it right away once it arrived but I noticed that the only supported speeds were 4x, 8x, and 16x when inserting a Maxell 4.7GB DVD+R 16X. They’re ID’d as Ricoh discs so I’m pretty sure they’re perfectly fine.

This was strange since my previous burner which was an HP dvd640c (now dead) allowed 2.4x speed using the same type of discs, from the same exact spindle I have now.

Is my new Samsung drive in need of a firmware update, or is it perfectly normal for the only speeds to be 4x, 8x, 16x using Maxell 16x DVD+Rs? The Samsung is fairly new since it was manufactured in Aug 2006 while my old HP burner was made an entire year earlier. I suspect it broke since I kept burning at 2.4x when I shouldn’t have… Maybe. So I’m guessing newer drives only support 4x as the minimum speed using 16x max discs.

If it isn’t a firmware problem, would 2.4x be supported using these (Verbatim DVD+Rs 1x-8x)?

I’m somewhat hesitant on upgrading firmware since I have bad experiences upgrading with my previous burner. I thought I’d ask here whether the discs I’m using now can burn at slower speeds than 4x before purchasing the Verbatims. I want to be sure if it’s a problem with the burner or the current media I’m using.

Thanks and sorry for being so long winded.

edit: Whoops. I should’ve read this thread first, sorry. I seriously must’ve skimmed over that one before clicking on the new thread button. Well since the damage was dealt, my case is similar except I’m using single layer media and I want to burn at 2.4x.

I’m guessing the media code isn’t compatible with the Samsung and there isn’t anything a firmware change will do to alleviate the problem. If I’m guessing correctly, would those Verbs have the correct media code to work with the SH-S182M at 2.4x? Where or how would I go on to check the media code whenever I’m buying new blank media from now on?

I’ll be really grateful for a reply. I haven’t figured out the problem but I’m definitely trying, so thanks again.

4x is going to be the lowest speed offered for 16x discs on 16x+ burners. There is no reason to burn any slower than 8x IMO.

Would 2.4x be available on 8x discs, despite using a 18x burner? Or is it hopeless? Does the SH-S182M support slower speeds than 4x for non-DL media?

Well, no real need to mention this but I’m using the burner to make backups for my console games. The laser normally doesn’t read the disc too well for anything beyond 4x but 2.4x tends to give more reliable results.

I might get desperate and try force burning at 2.4x, but I don’t think that’ll be to good for the drive. Bad idea, right?

edit: My old burner seems to be advertised as 16x yet 2.4x is allowed. :confused:

I’m guessing maybe that’s what shortened its life?

If you use quality media with good reflectivity, like Verbatim, readability for the consoles shouldn’t be an issue. I’m not sure if you’d even get 2.4x available on 8x media.

That’s what I feared but I’m really sorry about being stubborn on this. These 8x Verbatims seem to be advertising that they’re 1x-8x. (Don’t want to direct link.) Still no good?

I already ran 2 test burns with the backup game using the Maxells I have on 4x but the game is known to be awfully stubborn for precise write speeds when backing it up, so certain songs or whatever don’t load (Beatmania IIDX 8th Style if you’re curious). Verbatims burned at 4x [B]might[/B] give me near perfect results but I wouldn’t bet on it too much compared to burns at 2.4x. Maxells aren’t that bad either when it comes to quality. Nothing wrong with the image file either, and I’m 100% sure since it’s my own copy.

Err… Thanks for putting up with me.

edit: oh man auto linked…

Oh well, I’ll try buying them for now to see if they support 2.4x. Thanks again and sorry for troubling you. I’m still curious about force burning at speeds that aren’t recommended though. Should try or don’t try?

Having looked into the firmware for the 182M it’s only 4x media that you’ll get 2.4x offered as the burn speed. 8x & above media only has 4x as the slowest speed. So either get 4x media (any quality stuff around these days?) or be satisfied with a higher burn speed with the more readily available media.

This seems perfectly reasonable as the firmware of modern burners is optimised for faster burn speeds. Quality 16x media will give very good results at 8x , 12x & 16x burn speeds. Many here favour 8x & 12x for 16x media and personally I always burn my 16x stuff at 12x.

Looking around the forums, I see that 8x is preferred. Although I started using DVDs as storage and making backups nearly a year ago, I never bothered with any research until my burner started dying and spewed out nothing but coasters.

But I see. Finding 4x media is going to be a challenge since no retailer I know of holds any. Thank you for looking into it.

There’s something still bothering me though. The 182M allows a max speed of 18x but the highest available media are only 16x. How does that work? Is it okay to use 16x media for 18x burning?

Unfortunately the 182M doesn’t allow any overspeeding of media. I suspect that none of their other burners do.

I don’t find this a problem but I guess until higher rated media is available then that’ll be the way it stays.