2.4x +/- compatability issues

Would anyone happen to know if writers made by + format backers such as Philips are capable of using -RW 1-4x discs at less than 4x?

It seems to me that they write at 2.4x rather than 2x, and most media have a label warning about incompatability.
The following website is where the label on my media says to go: http://www.dvdrw.com/productupgradeportal/highspeed.htm

The info here essentialy says to burn at 4x on a modern writer.
Still waiting for an answer from Philips technicians as to whether my 1640 (P3.4) writes at 2.4x or 2x when used below 4x.

DVD Identifier always gives an alert that my writer is returning incorrect descriptors for 2.4x when I check a -R/RW

2.4x is the lowest burn speed for Philips 1640/BenQ 1620 drives on ANY media…

You are right in your doubts about Philips and -RW (1-4x) media compatibility. The lowest speed you can burn them is 4x. Don’t even try a 2.4x burn because you will only produce a nice coaster.
Check my experience on this posted in this thread . Note, this test was done at 2x speed (Nero “gave” me) on a 1-2x -RW (MCC 01RW11n9) disc.

It will be very interesting to hear the answer from Philips support. Please share that info with us.

Thanks again pinto2, do you live here? If this was IRC I’d swear you must be a state of the art bot :wink:

I managed to get my super7 board OC’d to 375 at 112MHz bus, my PC133 SDRAM gave me trouble though, so it has to run at according to AGP speed. Hopefully my new K6III+500 should arrive and I can get cooking properly (possibly literally).
So right now I can burn reliably at 4x on my +RWs (which is their max speed).
HDTune tells me my HDD speed is 20.9MB/s now, Nero confirms this as ~21500KB/s - just short of a 16x burn though, so not using my TYG02 just yet.
Just getting into optimising my burns too (laying the files in the correct order), was put in touch with mooGUI and XDVDFSTools from the usual sources.

No reply from Philips to speak of unfortunately, a support guy emailed me with further questions (dumb ones at that, some were already answered in my initial question) - strangely my reply to him was met with an automated response informing me that the address I’d tried to contact wasn’t able to receive mail…

I wonder if + media burn reliably at 2x rather than 2.4x on a drive manufactured by a -RW backer?
Are Philips are out of spec with stds they agreed to?